For several years, our expertise has helped Canadians and Quebecers achieve their goals in terms of motorsport. Whether on the drag strip, the Drift track, the road course or the autocross, many have trusted the expertise that Performance Redline.

For example Mr. Jacques Dubuc in the NHRA B / SA series, Mr. Luc Poliquin in the True Street series and Nicolas Michaud in the DMCC to name a few.


We are proud to support Motorsport in Europe. Whether in Spain, France, Belgium or Switzerland. Everyone appreciates the power and reliability that our engines and maps have provided them with.

Benjamin Boulbes (Multiple Champion of France and Europe) of the GTRADIAL team. Kevin Jozou, the new rising star of France and our good friend Jeremy Germain, all 3 equipped with our LS engines assembled here and mapped by Robert Robidoux and who knew how to crush the competition. Several other teams for the 2021 season will also be equipped with Performance Redline engines and maps! Contact us for more info