We offer a precision dynamometer service capable of withstanding up to 1500WHp and 1500WTq of force, whose margin of error is below 0.03%. 3 tests for $ 150 and rental of dynamometer for $ 150 / hour.

Equipped with the latest technology in automotive tuning, we can accurately calculate the gas temperature of each cylinder, the “vacuums” and the pressure created by the turbo and supercharge, the air / gasoline ratio and several other data at the time.

The dynamometer is equipped with a weather station, which adjusts the load and the charging time, depending on the temperature and humidity, it gives us optimal results every time/dynamometer session.


Our precision dynamometer can withstand up to 1500 HP at the wheels and 1500 LBS of force at the wheels. Operation is simple and very safe for your car. We install your car on a roller that applies force to the wheels, simulating the resistance of wind and road.

Using Dynamite technology, we can take your car’s pulse at all revs with ½ RPM accuracy and thereby create the perfect fuel map for your vehicle. A well “tuned” car has a longer lifespan compared to a car that has undergone engine management and mechanical modifications, without “tuning”.

Dynamometer programming from $ 800 + HPtuners credits if applicable.

Each vehicle has its own gas, ignition and torque card. It is wrong to believe that a gas card can be good for several engines. Each engine is unique, and has its own operating conditions. It is essential that your gas card is suitable for your vehicle. This way you can be sure that you always have the right air-fuel ratio at all engine speeds to keep your engine going for a long time to come.

We create Gas Cards for any management, whether it’s; HP tuner, Accel EFI, Fast XFI, Holley Terminator, Big stuff or FiTech we are equipped to make all types of vehicles.